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Achievements & Promises Kept

VSIC Recertification 2023

In 2018, Sheriff David W. Hill was honored as 1 of 13 Sheriffs in the inaugural certification class to obtain certification from the Virginia Sheriff's Institute and the Virginia Commonwealth University. There are 123 Sheriffs within the Commonwealth that could apply for this certification. 

In 2023, Sheriff David W. Hill obtained recertification as a Certified Sheriff through the VSI and VCU certification program. 

Sheriff David Hill receiving thank you cards

Photo by: Lukay Photography


  • Implementation of Better Hiring/Screening Processes of Applicants (Polygraphs, Background Investigations, Panel Interviews which include community members) most recent addition includes Psychological Examinations

  • The community wanted transparency, Sheriff Hill found a way to outfit Deputies with Body Worn Cameras and Installed In-Car Camera Systems within Field Operations Vehicles. This initiative was kickstarted with drug seizure money from former drug dealers. 

  • Patrol Vehicles are now outfitted with AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locators), updating dispatch where deputies vehicles are located at all times.  

  • Since 2016, Annual Financial Audits have been conducted without any discrepancies. 

  • Updated Policies and Procedures that align with "Best Practices," State and Federal Guidelines.  

  • Annually, Sheriff Hill and staff attend human resource and lawful employment training.

  • The agency now has better ways of measuring misconduct of law enforcement officers while trying to be at the top and protect our citizens. 

Legislation Day General Assembly

Better Working Relationships

  • Sheriff Hill was selected by his peers to serve on the Virginia Sheriff's Association (VSA) Board of Directors 

  • Sheriff Hill also serves on the VSA Legislative Committee, advocating for positive change by representing Sheriff's at a regional and state level. 

  • Sheriff Hill continues to implement and maintain Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's) with Local, State and Federal Agencies, which enables us to use all resources available to better serve our citizens.

  • Members of Drug and Gang Task Forces, Coordinated by the Virginia State Police and Drug Enforcement Agency

  • Sheriff Hill is an active member of the Albemarle/Charlottesville Regional Jail Board 

Community Policing

  • School Resource Officers (SRO's) in Nelson County Public Schools

  • Reimplementation of D.A.R.E. in our schools

  • YATL, You and The Law- Educating our youth in regards to law enforcement interactions

  • Triad/SALT-Seniors and Law Enforcement Together- Educating and protecting our seniors

  • Annual Trunk or Treat

  • Participants in Career and Safety Days

  • Identification Packets for our youth

  • Holiday Shop with a Cop/Toy Lift

  • Project Lifesaver (Assisting those that have a tendency to wander or become lost) 

  • Hunter's Safety

  • Guest speakers at community events

  • K9 Demonstrations  

  • Drug Take Back Events

Sheriff Hill with youth parade

Photo by: Lee Luther Jr. 


  • With statewide Deputy Sheriff vacancy rates being around 22%, we still strive to provide a professional service.  

  • Sheriff Hill continues to lobby for fair market wages and benefits to attract and retain highly qualified Deputies  

  • Since 2016, the Sheriff's Office has been awarded over $522,000 in grant funding 

  • We do our best to ensure deputies attend training in CIT (Crisis Intervention), DUI Intoxilyzer Training, Instructor Schools, Active Shooter Training, First Line Supervisor, Field Training Officer (FTO) Schools and Speciality Schools.  

  • When faced with numerous obstacles, we continued to maintain a quality service during the COVID Pandemic. 

Since 2016 


  • Every deputy is now outfitted with ballistic vests. 

  • Updated Records Management System (RMS), enabling better statistical tracking and crime reporting. 

  • Upgraded radio system.

  • Deputies now receive AED, CPR, and NARCAN training. Deputies often serve as first responders for medical emergencies, assisting Nelson Emergency Services.  

  • Each Patrol Vehicle is now equipped with Digi-ticket (electronic citation system), in-car printers, improving officer safety and accountability. 

  • Deputies are now equipped with agency issued cell phones, keeping deputies visible in the community rather than in an office returning phone calls. 

  • Patrol Cars are now equipped with Mobile Data Terminals (MDT), keeping deputies visible in the community while writing offense reports. Patrol cars now serve as mobile offices, allowing deputies the ability to write reports remotely, communicate digitally, while also permitting flexibility for dispatchers to perform emergency medical dispatch calls without interruption. 

  • Patrol Vehicles are now outfitted with AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locators), updating dispatch where deputies vehicles are located at all times.

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