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A message from your Sheriff

Hello Nelson County Citizens, 


Serving as your Sheriff of Nelson County is a continued honor and privilege. Since being elected as your Sheriff in 2015, my goal has remained to represent each and every citizen of Nelson County in the best and most professional manner possible. The Sheriff serves each and every citizen and should not be beholden to any political party or other public officials holding office, so I'm seeking a third term as a true Independent candidate.


Crime rates, illegal drug activities, public safety, a rise in domestic abuse, and an uncertain future for our youth continue to be the core of my reasoning for seeking re-election. There is an evolving and rising crisis of criminal activity throughout our Commonwealth. With your assistance, we have made positive strides over the last seven years in fending off these activities in Nelson County, and your Sheriff's office is now a much more professional, better trained, and more responsive agency than it was when we started our journey in 2015. It is imperative that we continue to work together to maintain the continuity of leadership that is so crucial for us to achieve our common goals. 


Our record of success and accomplishments should say everything. I ask that you continue to trust in me and continue to support our efforts to bring honor and professionalism to your Sheriff's Office. Our hiring practices and standards for employment have evolved since 2015, and I believe we now employ the most dedicated, professional, and honorable deputies in the agency's history. We do not claim to be a perfect agency, but we are constantly improving and evolving to better serve you and the public. 


It would be an honor and privilege to continue serving as your Sheriff, so I ask for your continued support and vote of confidence to be re-elected as the Sheriff of Nelson County on November 7, 2023. 


David W. Hill, M.Ed., VSIC (Certified Sheriff) 


Nelson County, VA






Sheriff Hill 2023  Announcement Video

Nelson County Times


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